Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cut sugar from your diet and be surprised at how great you feel!

I've been feeling toungue-tied. I know what I want to write about, but then I think, if I do, I could irritate people! An old friend from my college days told me to be brave! We have seen the radical difference in our lives from changes we have done, she reminded me, - some easy and some hard, so she encouraged me to be brave and write about it!

There's so many adorable things happening in my life that would be fun to share thanks to the star actors in my life movie- StudHusband and the 2 sprouts (like my son's 8th b-day party at the gymnastics center with 25 kids!) and my daughter's never ending hilarious quotes, but I must stick with the mission of my blog: To reflect on topics that help create a healthy Spirit, Mind, and Body.

I share the following change as it is the largest contributor to overall health for us. We are, and always have been, "healthy" and athletic...but making the following change has allowed us to float through winters, HAPPY and NOT SICK!! WOW!! It used to be, like most folks, that we'd catch *especially stud husband* 4 to 6 colds a year...that's actually on par with the average American. So here goes- OUR SECRET, REVEALED!!

Cutting back on our sugar consumption has been the number one change in our home that has profoundly changed the health of all 4 of us in our clan. We creatively seek out treats that fit our rules, and love the fact that we don't miss out on days and weeks and months every winter from family members down with something else. If someone catches something, it's super rare, and lasts for 2 days at the most. And I mean it's done. No lingering cough, congestion, tiredness...GONE!! I love it! :)

In doing health talks over the years, I have gathered a lot of persuading information about sugar. It's truly a poison to our bodies, there's nothing in refined white sugar that our bods need so when it enters the system, red alarm lights begin to flash "invader! Invader!" and the liver has to go into overtime working to eliminate it, every last bit of it. While your body (or your child's body) is busy doing that, it is much less capable of fighting off bugs.

First of all, in 1973 the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study by A. Sanchez et al, "Role of sugars in human neutrophilic phagocytosis", November, 1180-1184, showing that ingesting 100 grams of simple sugar lowers white blood cell activity for up to five hours. He got this result using processed honey, table sugar, and processed orange juice.

This translates into a 50% reduction in the ability of white blood cells to engulf bacteria. The immune suppressing effect begins within ten minutes of ingesting the sugar. (The immune system is integral in staving off cancer, by the way, which is why so many stories exist of folks that have beaten cancer by, along with other things, eliminating sugar).

Lowered white blood cell activity means your immune system and it's ability to fight infection, is impaired.

The general public believes that the orange juice they buy at the store is healthy....however, once the fresh squeezed juice has been pasteurized, it no longer has any live enzymes, and the vitamin and mineral content has been greatly reduced. In essence, the processing of the juice renders it the same as refined white sugar, because it does not contain the lifegiving substances which help the natural sugar to be metabolized.

Honey would give the same result unless it is raw, UNHEATED honey. This means that in the processing of the honey, the temperature cannot exceed 96 degrees Fahrenheit, or the live enzymes in the honey will be destroyed as well.

Be Well!


Suzanne's Blog said...

I so agree. I've tried cutting out all of the unnecessary sugar in my diet; and I've really seen a drastic impact in my life. I feel better and stronger, I'm able to maintain a constant healthy weight, and I haven't gotten sick even though people around me constantly are. Thanks for another good health update. Hope that you are doing well.

Randell said...

Way to go "girlfriend" - let people say what they will - you continue to write the truth - it encourages those who are doing like you and your family!!!