Friday, March 8, 2013


Spent last June packing and moving into our most amazing foreclosed on home, overlooking 5 acres and amazing mountains in the distance.

That's not the kind of moving we are doing now, thankfully.

We are building, designing, and creating our new site that specifically will focus on building a community of like-minded folks that find it invigorating to be outside. And if they have kids, the find it even more invigorating to bring  them along.

It's a platform for me to continue to write, hopefully inspiring more families to unplug and go outside.

And, as an exciting fun side note, my book around this very topic is being reviewed by an editor and we meet next week to talk about it.  It's quite humbling to hand over something  as personal as my written memoirs over my personal challenges and triumphs as I faced my own giants in the back country to a complete stranger.  

And then, we plan to meet over coffee to talk about it and I know nothing about her and she now knows plenty about me.

This writing thing is risky.  But risky has the potential for such victory.  On this side of risky though, I am full  of all things nerve-wrecking and exhilarating all at once.

Living Without Walls will hopefully convey the deepest intent that heading outside has the power to break down our own interior walls, whether it be fear or an addiction to busy agendas, as we spend time in the freedom of a wall-free summer.

When our new site is ready, check here for the link!

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Jennifer said...

Very exciting Julie! You guys are doing such great things! Keep up the God work sister!!