Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eating can be such a drag!

Some live to eat...I eat just so I can live, and not pass out, and keep going.  Imagine if we were designed like plants or Wall-e - we just head outside, get some sun, and we are set to go.  Imagine all the money we'd save at Costco!  Imagine all the time we'd save  - not having to eat all day long!

Imagine how much lighter our packs would be without all that food to carry for a 6 week thru hike?

But then,  imagine all those fun times gathered around the dinner table with friends and family.  Or eating a homemade snack at a 10,000 ft mountain lake.  Or BBQs!  Or Greg's Grill in Bend, OR!

In these weeks preparing for our epic hike, the dehydrator runs 24/7 with dinners and snacks. Currently it is turning swiss chard into yummy chard chips (so good it'll be hard to get them into the ziplock bag without eating half of them) and pasta with a honey mustard peanut sauce into a crispier version of it's former self.  We'll be eating stews with kale and sweet potatoes, soups with beef and cabbage, bakes with sauerkraut and tamari all thanks to my dehydrator and a copious amount of time! We have packed 5 orange Home Depot buckets and drop shipped them ($55 a piece not including postage) to future drop spots that remote services will store for us so that we can hike ourselves to their location to resupply for the days ahead.
(Gosh, he's cute!)

As I spend thousands of dollars and months of time handling two months of food that we will eat,  I have realized that God, of course, Has a good plan going making us eat every day.  It's these necessary rest stops throughout the day that provide us (force us) to STOP, have some conversation, reflect on the day (what's to come at breakfast, how's it going? at lunch, how'd it go at dinner), and Thank Him, once again for the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the people we get to share it with.

But man - it's ALOT of food!!  (This is not even close to all of it!)

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