Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sex part 2

The actual words of her lovely "Kid" appropriate book: "Do not have sex with anyone other than your husband or wife." Or another wonderful line from her new book:

It's better to marry than to wish for sex all the time.

Where did she read this? No it was not in a Playboy Magazine for was her brand new, Kids Bible for 6 to 10 year olds. The Day by Day Children's Bible.

She has now been asking about sex, mentioning this new word around Cade (who said he's never heard it either...what is that?) and trying to figure it out.

Obviously, we had to do some explaining. And we did. And we kept it simple. But I am appalled at this author's decision to write it that obviously a poorly written. She could have written this a ton of ways like
  • You can only be married to one man or one woman - the original verse is about adultery anyway.

I never remember being told in Child development 101 in college to make sure we include stories about "Not having sex with anyone but your spouses" at circle time for 1st graders or to encourage them to make sure they get married someday so that they don't wish for sex all the time. It's insanity. Pure insanity.

There is a time and a place. God tells us that He will disseminate knowledge to us as adults as we can handle why do we dump stuff like this on young kids? I don't care if it's in the Bible. It's not appropriate for young kids. Period. The Bible is full of stuff that is not appropriate for young kids.

I am now descending from my soap box.

I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

Don't buy the Day by Day Children's Bible. (Now I feel even better!)


Jennifer in OR said...

Hmmm, I don't know what to think. But this is very interesting food for thought! You certainly don't want to withhold God's Word from your kids...but I totally understand where you're coming from. Let me know what you come up with here.

Jen H said...

Love the discussion Julie. It makes me think. I guess I had never thought about it before. Isaac has had a grown up Bible since he was four or five and we are reading through the old testament as a family right now. We are in Exodus 21. Something to ponder for sure! I really love how you set up the discussion. :-)

runninggal said...

Thanks Jen! We have resisted going through the Bible with our kids - not ready to deal with prostitutes, tons of bloody wars, "make sure you get married so you don't want sex all the time", and much more that the Bible contains amidst the sweet and good "love everyone" stuff.

Sigh. I just want a Bible that is censored for kids!!!