Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our family Christmas Card video

Merry Christmas video! If a picture is a thousand words, then this video is beyond!

Clips of family fun in the snow, of the major production I directed (specifically featuring the parts where my 2 kiddos had solos!), and some ballet and soccer times.


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runninggal said...

"Hi Julie! I hope you guys are all having a great holiday season. I just started reading your blog a few days ago. It has been inspiring, encouraging, challenging, and much more. I've been enjoying it so much, that I went way back to the beginning and have been reading it like a novel - the kind you can't put down. I keep it open on a separate window, and read for a few minutes several times a day. I love it. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you. Seemed kind of weird not to, since I am somewhat immersed in your life lately. =) I've especially been mulling over how we need to "get close to God and do what we want." It actually feels relieving just to ponder that statement. So simple, so life-changing. So thanks for all you've poured into your blog. It seems that you've figured out how to live out so many of the values I have, but fail to implement in my life. It gives me hope.