Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shout outs to all of you Bloggin mamas in love with your man

In the real world, I tend to stay pretty quiet about how in love I am with my man as so many ladies are struggling in their marriages...

but here in the blogosphere I get so excited to read of all the twitterpated wives that are still on this planet. Yay for marriage!! We'll be swooned together over these men that God has blessed us with! My Rennaisance man has me so swooned that I often call him Mr. Swooney.

Shout outs to all you in love ladies that proclaim it to the world that you and your man are in it for the long haul called forever. Keep it up as you encourage us all to keep working hard to have a great marriage when you boldly brag on your hubbies.

Holly at MooBee is quite swooned with the love of her life, Hot Husband himself:

At We are That Family, I found 21 posts labeled "I love my hubby" some of the sweetest love letters, stories, and braggin in one spot!

Kristin at Stepping Heavenward, in love since 1990:

Sweet Heather at Simple and Deliberate, widowed at 39 from the love of her life shares her love story and God's grace in the midst of losing her soul mate:

Cathy at Dancing in the Rain can't wait to get alone with her date that she warns us, "don't hate me because he's so handsome and he's all mine!" I love it!! Go Cathy!:

Can't leave the men out of this grand Marriage love affair: Mike so sweetly proclaims the beauty of his wife Melissa as he first sees her in her pjs in the hospital while recovering from her recent colon cancer surgery. Please pray for this dear family:

Bo over at Bo Stern's Blog can't stop telling us all the reasons she loves her man:

Jen at Diary of 1 recounts the sweetness of getting married in this anniversary post:

Amanda at A Thousand Words often tells of how she is married to her best friend - living out a dream she had since she was little to be married to a wonderful man and be a mommy - Couldn't find the exact post I was looking for where she talks of a sweet date, but her blog is full of love everywhere so check it out when you can!

Mandy and her beloved Mountain Man:

Karyn at A Beautiful Mess is still getting butterflies in her stomach as she smells her hubbies cologne wearing his sweatshirt:


We are THAT Family said...

That's just the best compliment I've had in a long time! Thanks!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Sometimes I look at my husband and I think "I win."

Bo said...

Aw...such a fun post and a great blog! I totally agree that it's great to be reminded that sometimes, love really DOES work. Thanks for the shout-out! -Bo

Cathy said...

Thanks Julie!

It's OBVIOUS how much you, also, honor, respect, and adore your hubby!

Jennifer in OR said...

Thanks for the mention in this sweet post! Sorry it took so long to notice it, I'm finally breathing after a crazy year!!