Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thermography Centers for Breast Cancer screening

Check below to find a center in your state that does thermography breast screening.

Thermographic breast screening is brilliantly simple. It measures the radiation of infrared heat from your body and translates this information into anatomical images. Your normal blood circulation is under the control of your autonomic nervous system, which governs your body functions.

Thermography uses no mechanical pressure or ionizing radiation, and can detect signs of breast cancer years earlier than either mammography or a physical exam.

Mammography cannot detect a tumor until after it has been growing for years and reaches a certain size. Thermography is able to detect the possibility of breast cancer much earlier, because it can image the early stages of angiogenesis (the formation of a direct supply of blood to cancer cells, which is a necessary step before they can grow into tumors of size).

What is breast thermography? A safe alternative to mammograms.

Association for the Advancement of Diagnostic Thermal Imaging:

Please note that only Board Certified or Provisionally Certified Clinical Thermologists and Technicians are listed on this page.

This page is not an official endorsement of any of the labs listed or of any additional services or treatments that they may offer and is provided solely for your reference in contacting a thermographic breast center nearest you. While every effort has been made to insure that only well-trained certified clinical thermologists and technicians are provided, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information you might receive. In order to avoid the problems found in unqualified centers, please select a lab from the list below.

Key for abreviations
DABCT - Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Thermography
DIACT(B) - Diplomate of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (the “B” denotes additional training in breast interpretation
FIACT - Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology
CTT - Certification as a clinical thermographic technician
Provisional Certification as a Clinical Thermographic Technician (Provisional CTT) denotes an individual who is currently involved in his or her thermographic residency program and has demonstrated competency in capturing thermographic images under the supervision of an IACT instructor. IACT provides offsite supervision for such centers and the public should feel quite confident in their quality of service. Images taken at a center which does not have a qualified interpreter (Thermologist) on staff will be read by an outside specialist who has met IACT standards and guidelines for interpretation of infrared images. If you have any questions concerning breast thermography, please contact us at

Raven Infrared - Medical Thermal ImagingJudith Reese, CTTP.O. Box 1178Sterling, AK. 99672907.262.6547

Thermal Imaging of Arizona1921 S. Alma School RoadSuite 316Mesa, AZ 85210
Daniel Perry, CTTBonnie Stout, CTTTel: (480) 768-1100

California (Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area)
CCI - Infrared Imaging Center8465 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 140Windsor, CA 95492
Anand Chaudhry, DC, CTTTel: (707) 838-2146

PCRC- Infrared Imaging Laboratory621 Middlefield Rd.Redwood City, CA 94063
William Amalu, DC, DABCT, DIACT, FIACTCarol Laughlin, Thermographic TechnicianTel: (650) 361-8908Breast Cancer and Early DetectionFull Body Scan

Pleasanton Infrared Imaging 5737 Valley Ave, Ste. D Pleasanton, CA 94566
James Sievers, DC, Provisional CTT Beth Y. Gordon, Provisional CTTTel: (925) 462-2633

Health Medicine Institute 3799 Mount Diablo Blvd.Lafayette, CA 94549

William J Kneebone, DC, DIACT, DCCT Tel: (925) 962-3799

Intrahealth21020 Homestead Rd, Ste 2Cupertino, CA 95014
Petra Eggert, DC, PT, Provisional. CTTTel: (408) 530-0005
Thermography Center of Sonoma County1020 Gravenstein Highway South, Suite 100Sebastopol, CA 95472
Also with locations in Napa and Ukiah

Jenna Montgomery, CTTRenee RussoTel: (707) 829-1599 For all locationsEmail:
California (Southern California)
Clinical Thermography AssociatesSan Diego Area Facility298 Shasta St.Chula Vista, CA 91910
George Chapman, DC, DABCT, DIACT, FIACTTel: (619) 422-3339

Dr. John Tolmosoff , CTT
Call for our San Diego LocationsTel: (619) 575-8887
Pro Active Health Imaging Inc.3400 Loma Vista, Suite 14Ventura, California 93003

Victoria Rice, RN, CTTTel: (805) 653-1393

William Cockburn, DC, DIACT(B), FIACT, FABFE11695 National Blvd (at Barrington)Los Angeles, CA 9006410642 Downey Ave, Suite 200Downey, CA 90241
William Cockburn, DC, DIACT, FIACT, FABFETel: (562) 699-7921 Central Scheduling
North York Medical Thermography Centre3910 Bathurst StreetSuite 202Toronto, Ontario M3H 3N8
Alex Mostovoy, CTTTel: (416-636-2916)

John Keyserlingk, MD, FACS1538 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Suite 1001Montreal, QC H3G 1I5CANADA
John Keyserlingk, MD, FACSTel: (514) 933-9635
The Thermogram Center315 S. Boulder Road, Suite 110Louisville, CO 80027
Tirza Derflinger, CTTToll Free: 866.492.2174Tel: (303) 664-1139Fax: (303) 664-1146
Biomedical Thermology LaboratoryLouis Pasteur University School of Medicine11, rue Humann67085 Strabourg CedexFRANCE
Michel Gautherie, PhD.
Thermal Imaging Hawaii4821 Kaimoku WayHonolulu, Hawaii 96821
Linda Fickes, DC, CTTTel: (808) 377-1811
Beth Ann Connell, DC, DABCTN. Mill St.Utica, IL 61373
Infrared Thermal ImagingRockford, Illinois
Beth Ann Connell, DC, DABCTTel: (815) 667-4819
Jan Crawford, RN Tel: (815) 378-9975
Priority 1 MedicalCharles Solano, DC, DABCT 4082 Pendleton WayIndianapolis, IN 46226
Charles Solano, DC, DABCTTel: (317) 546-1915
Larry Payne, DC, DABCT7349 Burlington PikeFlorence, KY 41042
Larry Payne, DC, DABCTTel: (859) 525-7443
Elliot-Hailey-Head Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Center 1750 Medical Center Drive, 4th Floor Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Robert Elliot, MD Tel: (225)755-3070
Michigan Institute of Thermography120 State St.Howell, MI 48843
William Dudley, DC, DABCT, FABCT1181 South Main StreetPlymouth, MI 48170
Maher Barsoum, DC, CABCT,Tel: (517) 546-3967

William Dudley, DC, DABCT, FABCTTel: (734)-455-2145
Body Scan 13923 Gold Circle - Suite 103Omaha, NE 68144
Chris Driscoll, DC, CTT Tel: (402) 334-5533

Mark Osborn, DC, DABCT6001 S. 58th St. - Ste. FLincoln, NE 68516
Mark Osborn, DC, DABCTTel: (402) 423-8226

West Holt Memorial Hospital406 West Neely St.Atkinson, NE 68713
Tel: (402) 925-2811
New Jersey
Complete Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
Essex County/Bergen County
2 Lincoln Terrace Caldwell, NJ 07006
Cedar Hill Medical Arts Building541 Cedar Hill Avenue, First FloorWycoff, NJ 07481
Linda Perry, CPM, CM, CTTTel: (973) 226-2563
Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging100 Brick Road, Suite 206Marlton, NJ 08053

Phillip Getson, DO Tel: (856) 596-5834
New York
Complete Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
448 West 57th StreetNew York, NY 10019
110-20 71st AvenueForest Hills, NY 11374
Linda Perry, CPM, CM, CTTTel: (646) 536-3726
Blatman Pain Clinic10653 Techwoods Circle – Suite 101Cincinnati, OH 45242

Hal Blatman, MD, DAAPMTel: (513) 956-3200

Therapeutic Laser and Thermal Imaging CenterMary Anne Crandall, DNH, CTT115 Stewart Ave. - Suite 201Medford, OR. 97501541.772.7007

Infrared Breast Health, LLCIngrid Edstrom, FNP, M.ED, CTT1102 Hodson LaneEugene, OR. 97404541.302.2977Infrared Breast Health Web Site
Optimal Natural Health Center116611 Preston Road - Suite 140Dallas, TX 75230

Leilani Tajeda, CTTTel: (214) 346-9292
Milwaukee Area Facility5510 Medical CircleMadison, WI 53719
William Hobbins, MD, FACS, FABCTTel: (608) 273-4274


Anonymous said...

Not that you'll post this, but Thermography has been around for many years and is NOT recognized as a diagnostic tool. It is too sensitive and not specific enough to be of any value clinically. Mammography is the GOLD standard in detecting breast cancer. The patients we see (I work in an imaging center) who have had a thermogrophic scan usually have the largest and most invasive cancers. Why? Because they go untreated and unrecognized. Who reads thermograms? Ask your provider. It's not an MD or even a DO - they won't touch this technology.

Good luck!

Daughter Nature said...

Thank you so much for this wealth of information! I have never had a mammogram due to not wanting to be exposed to the radiation and had never heard of Thermography until a few months ago! Once I read and researched about it, I was elated.

I have made an appointment with Dr. William Cockburn in Southern California and am very excited about not ever having to worry about harmful radiation!

Thanks for the time you put in compiling this valuable information!

joyce said...

Is there a hormone imbalance in your breasts?
Since the single greatest risk factor for the development of breast cancer is lifetime exposure to estrogen,normalizing the balance of the hormones in the breast may be the first and most significant step in prevention.Breast thermography is the only known non-invasive procedure that can detect estrogen dominance in the breasts. If a woman's thermographic images suggest a relative progesterone deficiency (estrogen dominance),treatment of this condition may play an important role in prevention.With treatment from her doctor,a woman can use this information to balance the hormones in her breasts. Follow-up thermograms are compared to the baseline estrogen dominant images as part of the treatment monitoring process.


barbie said...

According to me i think that mammography will be better than thermography because thermography has more side effects which is really harmful to health.
Barbie Purl

Blogger said...

Thermography can detect irregular patterns in the breast, conditions that occur before a noticeable lump is formed. In some cases, such as inflammatory cancer, there are no lumps to be detected by self-exam or mammogram. That's why adding thermography to your annual health routine can help with early detection. You Will increase your chances of detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages.
David Jones


johnyymathew said...

Although breast cancer is extremely uncommon during childhood and adolescence, breast concerns and problems among females of this age group are a relatively common occurrence. These concerns may be further exaggerated by the significance placed on breasts in American culture and the fear of breast cancer.
Social advisor

DentalHealth said...

Yes, thermal imaging is great!

And another interesting detection technique is trained dogs:

"dogs can detect breast and lung cancer with sensitivity and specificity between 88 percent and 97 percent. Moreover, the study also confirmed that the trained dogs could even detect the early stages of lung cancer, as well as early breast cancer. The researchers concluded that breath analysis has the potential to provide a substantial reduction in the uncertainty currently seen in cancer diagnosis."

Anonymous said...

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Alternatives said...

Nebraska Update
Thermography Breast Exams available at Alternatives, A Center for Conscious Health. Patricia Ryan, MD
11036 Oak St.
Omaha, NE 68144

ellie said...

Thank you for posting this list. Someone close to me may have breast cancer, and I'm doing some research to help her out. Mammograms have a HUGE # of false positives, and they subject women to a very painful procedure which can actually CAUSE (because of the radiation) breast cancer.