Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A summer review in photos

I finally am processing my photos since Jan 2008. Now no one wants to see pictures of us in snow at this juncture. I've got to improve this!! When looking at the summer shots we got I couldn't resist a quick summary of the best of this last summer for the 'ole blog world to see. Every day for 10 weeks we played, climbed, laughed, held hands, played, and explored. This is just a sampling of the joy that comes from togetherness.

This last weekend, our backpacking trip into Obsidian Falls pushed our walking odometer reading past 100 miles. Stats from this summer:
  • 105 miles on the trail for StudHusband and myself
  • 70 miles on the trail for the 5 and 7 year old sprouts (60 of which were in Aug and Sept)
  • 2500 miles on the ro
  • 700,205 smiles
  • 867,000 moments to hold hands or hug
  • 740 miles run so far in 2008 as of Sept 15th by me (Geez, when I add it up like that it makes me realize that I need to get shoes more often than I do!! :)

Taken at the summit of a 10 mile day hike out of Anthony Lakes

Anthony Lakes was a relaxing week of fishing, hiking, and enjoying friends.

Cade fell in love with fishing - we have about 18 trout in our freezer but he threw back at least another 20 more.

Princess Sprout is the Picture of summer relaxation:

A little Baker City Oregon Trail Interpretive Center added depth to our Oregon Trail theme of the summer.
Taken on the way up to the top of Mt Howard - featuring the Hummus Gnome. Hummus seemed to appear in every single lunch this last summer. Needless to say, we are taking a hummus break for now!

Taken atop Mt Howard, outside of Wallowa State Park. Instead of spending the $80 to take the tram ride to the top, in true "O- family-style", we figured out a route up the backside. Kiddos hiked 10 miles that day, gaining about 2500 feet in elevation. We enjoyed a yummy meal at the top in the highest restaurant in Oregon.

Celebrating our arrival at the top.

The faces of happy kids - full of hope, filled with joy, surrounded by love:

Enjoying time in the depths of our favorite Oregon Wilderness - The Eagle Caps -where quiet was defined, and peace was captured

I just love that our kids are so at home out in the wilderness. They easily amuse themselves and remain completely content and want for nothing but the moment at hand.

Candid moment - adoration captured on film


Tipper said...

Just amazing photos!! Your kids are adorable.

I like the new look of the blog!

Jenny Kay said...

What a fun adventure. Makes me want to go!

runninggal said...

Emailed in to me from a reader/friend

If only I had your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many idea's you have written in your journal entries on your blog I have been wanting to say to people for a long time. I so agree with your life choices to buy local, to support your local business man, and consume only what is necessary. Amen to everything you are saying, even about returning the socks. You go girl. And to being debt free -yes, you can do it but it will be difficult it goes against the main flow or our culture.

Have you seen these video clips yet? Take the time (about 20 min). They are right on with your way of thinking. I have been wanting to make some significant life choices in how I spend my money and live based on what you're talking about along with what these videos are trying to stress.
It all really makes a person think and then how do I move myself to action is the tricky part. Yea I can buy at farmers market and to to Miller's instead of home depot but what about the call to buy new stuff. And to boot it's all crap anyways. Aaron started a list of all the things we've bought that have broke, have your read that. Well I could go on and on but need to head to bed.
Keep up the great posts. and keep preaching it!

Love L

Karyn said...

Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful and spirited family! Love it!!

jennifer said...

Love the new look. Really amazing photos and memories your family is creating. Hugs.

Kristin said...

thanks for sharing your summer pictures. Those are memories that you will hold on to forever. And God's creation is sure beautiful.

Cathy said...

Great pictures and what fun times! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog awhile back! We miss you all and RCC soooo much! We'll be back to visit soon!